Wallington aim to make the UK’s longest bunting

Wallington Hall
Wallington House, Gardens and Estate

Staff and volunteers at the National Trust’s Wallington in Northumberland are aiming to create Britain’s longest line of bunting for their summer celebrations and they need your help to do it!

Research shows that the longest bunting made so far was by the Fairtrade Foundation in London who hold the official Guinness record. They made a line of bunting 3,427.94 metres long in May 2011. Wallington’s aim, whilst not going for the official world record due to costs involved, is to make their bunting even longer with the help of their visitors to celebrate the ‘Best of British’ feel expected to sweep the nation this summer.

Gillian Mason, Visitor Experience Manager at Wallington tells us:

“The summer of 2012 is likely to be remembered as one of national pride as we celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and a number of sporting activities. At Wallington we wanted to do something celebratory that everyone could join in with and came up with the idea of the longest line of bunting ever! ”

In order to beat the record Wallington needs to make over 17,200 flags which when joined together will make around 3,440metres of bunting.  Gillian continued:

“So far we’ve sent out 2,000 flags to our local schools, community groups, colleagues and supporters asking them to design a flag which sums up their idea of the ‘Best of British’. The line of bunting has already started by visitors to the property who have also been decorating flags and we hope to have lots more in time for our Diamond Jubilee celebrations on Monday 4 June when the bunting will be draped around the central courtyard.”

The theme of the flag design should be Best of British and creativity so far has been really varied, as Gillian explains:

“We’ve had pictures of national significance including the Queen and her Corgis, a double-decker bus, bowler hats, brollies and rain clouds, and some that are more specific to Wallington such as red squirrels and cream teas.”

People wanting to add their contribution to the Wallington bunting, which is being donned the Wallington Bunt-a-Thon, can do so by visiting Wallington or logging onto their website to download a flag template.

Flags should be triangular shaped with two long sides of 23cm and one short top side of 16cm. The length from the top of the flag to the point should be 23cms. The flags can be made out of any sort of white or light coloured fabric such as cotton or bleached calico.

Gillian continued:

“We are keen for people to recycle unwanted material as much as possible – old sheets or curtain linings are perfect. If it’s a fabric that tends to fray then we’d suggest using pinking shears to cut the shape. We’re also looking for donations of fabric so if there are any fabric companies out there willing to help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

Flags should be decorated using pencil or fabric crayons but not felt tips as the ink may run should it rain! You can also stitch your design. Complete designs should be sent to: Gillian Mason, Visitor Experience Manager, Wallington, Cambo, Northumberland NE61 4AR. For more information log onto www.nationaltrust.org.uk/wallington or call 01670 773600. You can keep up to date with Wallington’s progress on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/WallingtonNT.

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