For VW lovers, the summer festivals are a fantastic way to get out and about with the family, show off ones beloved split screen camper or vintage Beetle, and to hang out with fellow Dubbers.

Until now the preeminent northern festival, Mighty Dub, has been held at Druridge Bay, a long wide sandy bay stretching from Amble to Cresswell. However, a lack of camping space means the festival has found a new venue this year, the magnificent Alnwick Castle.


If you watched the latest series of ‘More Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green’ and you’re anything like us, you will have been fascinated by the episode following Linus and Louise of Northern Wilds. The gourmet feast they prepared for Robson from ingredients foraged in the Northumbrian countryside looked truly mouthwatering!

But delicacies are not only found in Northumberland National Park or Kielder Water & Forest Park. There’s plenty of wild food along the Northumberland coastline especially if you start exploring the rock pools with their plentiful edible seaweeds and a selection of shellfish. Follow some sensible precautions about when and where you collect your seafood, buy yourself a good seashore identification book or book a foraging session with an expert and you’re in for a whole new and delightful culinary experience.


A prominent feature in many great literary works, Britain’s beauty continues to amaze – and, nestled in the northernmost part of the picturesque English countryside beyond Hadrian’s Wall, the Northumberland landscape is no different.

Although there are plenty of diverse accommodation options across the region, cosy holiday cottages can’t be beaten. Whether you prefer climbing around the countryside or kicking back on the coast, Northumberland is an idyllic holiday destination by anyone’s standards.

Hadrian’s Wall (credit: Dan Bage)


NORTHUMBERLAND – Please proceed with caution, my friends. For there’s something that lurks beneath the vast sand rushes of Northumberland’s wild shoreline and it seeks your soul to have as its own. I know, because it stole mine from me – and I haven’t been the same since.

druridge 2nt (Small)

Druridge Bay (Image credit: M Czekirda)

Northumberland is home to more than 30 miles of the most beautiful beaches in the British Isles. Some of them are hulking curved slices of sand and rock like Embleton Bay upon which stands Dunstanburgh Castle, others sheltered coves of folding dunes and dancing grasses like Druridge Bay.

Whichever beach you choose, be prepared; keep your heart guarded at all times. For if you don’t, it’ll be lost amongst the wild sands, and you will never want to return home.