What could be more romantic than gazing up at thousands of stars with the one you love on Valentine’s Day?

Aurora Borealis above the Northumberland Coast - credit visitnorthumberland.com and L Jennings

From romantic retreats for two in a Dark Sky Friendly cottage to ‘stars & spa’ breaks and stargazing evenings, discover the wonder of the night sky this Valentine’s Day.  To help you, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to enjoy the skies above Northumberland in February. (more…)

Dirty Reiver event organiser Paul Errington (Northern CC) discusses the endurance cycling challenge Dirty Reiver, new to the region for 2016, outlining the inspiration behind the event and what riders can expect.

Cycling is a hugely diverse hobby, sport, pastime depending on how you define your involvement.  It’s a fantastic way to venture out whether on familiar roads, tracks and trails or as a means of exploring a whole new area. Routes and styles vary, which means it is a great activity for novices, experts and everything in between.

Sandstone Way, Northumberland National Park

© Northumberland National Park

For myself cycling has led to many new countries being visited and many new friends being made.


With the festivities of Christmas and New Year behind us, it can be tempting to hide away and hibernate until the weather warms up again. But while it’s chilly outside and the dark nights seem to stretch on forever, there’s plenty to keep you busy this winter.

From days galloping along in the surf to nights spent under the stars, there are a number of exciting activities to help you brush away the blues – and in today’s post, we’re bringing you 5 ways to keep active (and warm!) this winter.

Kielder Castle in the snow January 2015


The eggnog has been drunk, the mince pies devoured. 2015 is old news and it’s that time again: a brand new year.

We’re all guilty of making New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions and declarations of ‘no, seriously – I’m sticking to it this time!’. Before we know it we’re scoffing chocolates on Valentine’s Day and the new gym membership is gathering dust in a kitchen drawer.

Let 2016 be the year you say ‘New Year, New You’ and mean it.

Aurora at Cresswell Beach

Photo by Lee Jennings